Reproducing missing pearl inlay on a
mid 20's Bacon and Day banjo. Note
the missing inlay piece in the center
of the peghead.
Cutting of inlay piece on pearl cutting
Inlay cut out and ready to install.
Completed inlay repair after glue in,
level, and polish.
Guitar Repair and Restoration
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1920's Weymann banjo
The fingerboard edge has
broken loose due to slippage of
the fifth string peg. Here the
peg is removed showing the
damaged area.  
With the loose-fitting 5th peg
removed the area is cleaned of
old glue (which was the wrong
type for the repair).
Fingerboard reglued with original
5th string nut refitted. The 5th peg
has been properly fitted and with
new strings this banjo will be
ready to go.
Rebinding a 1956 Guild Electric
This guitar came in with loose binding but was
in very fine condition and still owned by the
original purchaser.
The binding was pulling away from
the guitar in several spots. An
earlier attempt to reglue it had been
unsuccessful. Unfortunately a new
white/black/white binding in this size
was unavailable, so the new binding
had to be made from scratch.
Step 1 was the careful removal of
the old binding.
Treble side removed.
Individual binding pieces that will
be glued together to replicate the
original binding.
Laminating new binding strips.
Completed repair photos. After installation the binding
was shot with tinted nitro to simulate age.